Zonetail Corporate Update

Toronto, Canada, April 2, 2019 (TSXV:ZONE) — Zonetail is pleased to update its shareholders on recent advancements to increase its market share, customer engagement, and revenue.

The Zonetail mobile platform provides hotel guests and condo residents access and interaction with building amenities and services. It also connects guests and residents with neighboring restaurants, stores, services, and attractions.

In partnership with the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), the largest hotel association in the world, Zonetail is in the process of rolling out its mobile platform to over 25,000 hotels, representing more than 50% of the U.S. market.

The Zonetail mobile app provides hotels with direct communication and engagement including push messaging to their guests. Zonetail derives its revenue through merchant ads in the app’s ‘Explore’ section providing advertisers a highly effective way of directly reaching travellers. The recent integration of Blue Dot’s location-based geo-fencing technology will add real-time, physical context, along with a richer understanding of customer intent to the Zonetail platform. It will also add to Zonetail’s analytics suite, tracking attribution, ROI, and customer behavior with contextual data.

“The Blue Dot solution gives us the ability to capture behavior-based user data with pin-point accuracy down to five meters,” said Mark Holmes, CEO at Zonetail. “For advertisers it means we can precision target users with offers at the time and place they’re most likely to respond. For hotels it means we can help them improve their online reputations and scores, as well as improve guest response to promotions such as food and beverage specials.”

Zonetail is also rolling out to approximately 2000 condo buildings representing an estimated 400,000 units and 20% of the Greater Toronto Area condo market in partnership with Shiftsuite. Zonetail delivers a better option for advertisers trying to reach condo residents than other methods such as direct mail. The average direct mail piece costs 25 cents per drop with a response rate less than 1% due to resident disinterest, with unaddressed direct mail often going directly into the recycling bin. Zonetail offers advertisers a strong alternative at a fraction of the price of direct mail, at only 10 cents per unit per month, and effectively gives them a piece of real estate on the condo resident’s phone 24/7/365. Large national advertisers interested in reaching 100,000 condo units would pay $10,000 a month, for example. Using the content management system, advertisers can change their promotion as often as they like. And with the added integration of geo-fencing technology, they can now engage residents with push messaging to communicate their offers and promotions at precisely the right time and place.

For both platforms, Zonetail is actively approaching national and regional advertisers in both Canada and the U.S. who are interested in engaging with the previously hard to reach hotel guest and condo resident markets. Zonetail is currently in discussions with national retail chains, restaurant chains, travel-based credit cards, and cannabis products and delivery partners, amongst others.

Zonetail is also introducing other methods to increase potential revenue, including transaction-based, with the recent announcement of its partnership with Foodora, the food ordering and delivery specialist, as an example. Additionally, Zonetail continues to investigate the development of a hotel booking engine, offering direct booking to AAHOA and other hotel partners.

About Zonetail

Zonetail Inc. (TSXV:ZONE) is a mobile platform for hotels and condominiums  providing guests and residents access and interaction with building amenities and services as well as neighboring restaurants, stores, services, and attractions. Zonetail is partnered with AAHOA, the largest association of hoteliers in the world, representing over 25,000 hotels and 50% of the US market. Zonetail is also partnered with Shiftsuite, one of the largest property management system software providers to the condo industry in Canada, with approximately 2,000 condo buildings, representing an estimated 400,000 units. Zonetail has offices in Toronto, Ontario and San Dimas, California. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact:

Mark Holmes, President and CEO

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Telephone: (416) 583-3773 ext. 228

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