Rolling out to 25,000 hotels and 2,000 condo buildings.

Zonetail’s mobile platform is rolling out across North America with over 50% of US hotels and a growing number of condominiums.

Control ad content in real-time.

Change your offer as often as you like. Promote your Sunday brunch in the morning, a flash sale in the afternoon, or a holiday offer, instantly.

Content management and ad library.

Store, edit, and reuse content as much as you like. Create new ads and store in the ad library. Schedule future offers, deals and promotions.

Simple design, lots of real estate.

Each ad includes two full screen pages, a gallery with up to 5 images and lots of room for text. Include your menu, sale items, events, and much more.

Includes GPS directions to your location.

Along with the best routes, there’s a time estimate to walk, take a taxi, or transit to your location.

Benefit from powerful location-based geofencing.

Precision target users with offers at the time and place they’re most likely to respond with pin-point accuracy down to five meters.


Action Buttons

Your ad can have up to 4 action buttons ranging from call numbers and links to menu options, reservations, tickets or ordering.

Map & Hours

We offer the user a convenient, in-ad map to your location with several arrival options for them to choose from. We display your hours right on the main page of your ad so the user knows exactly when you're open.


Your ad can have 1 main page image and up to 5 high resolution gallery images that can be changed as often as you like.


Your content can include anything from your menu, your product lines, to a description of your services.

Account Manager

When you partner with Zonetail, you will receive a client account manager who is dedicated to helping you achieve you business needs.

CMS & Content Control

Change your specials from morning to night or keep your product lines up to date with our easy to use content management system. Customize special offers and promotions all in real time.

It’s more than an app, it’s a content management system.

Our easy to use content management system allows you to change your message as often as you like, run automated campaigns that can be preset on a timer, and the capability to present timely offers and promotions.

Contact us.You could be boosting sales today.

We’ll demonstrate the reach and effectiveness of zonetail mobile advertising, the ease of changing your message anytime you want, and with location based geofencing, you’ll learn how to target your customers with offers at precisely the right time and place to maximize response.