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Zonetail has entered into an agreement with AAHOA giving us exclusive access to 50% Of The Hotels In The U.S. Representing 12.5% Of The Global Market.

Zonetail (ZONE:TSXV) is a Toronto-based technology company actively engaged in the commercialization of its anchored-local mobile platforms for hotels and condominiums. It’s revenues are derived from mobile display advertising, transactions, and a planned blockchain-based hotel booking engine and the future sale of data and analytics.

The Industry Problem

The majority of people’s lives and dollars are spent in and around places, such as their condo, work, or hotel (often within a 5-mile radius or less).
Given this, there’s a lack of convenient, useful, and contextually relevant ways of connecting people with where they live or stay, and the surrounding area.
Conversely, local businesses have few ways of connecting directly with condo residents and hotel guests.


Competitive location based apps such as Google, Yelp, and Trip Advisor provide a ‘fire hose’ of unstructured, general area directory style information that is non-engaging, and not contextually relevant.

While some hotel chains offer their own branded app, the problem is most travellers don’t always stay with the same hotel brand. Guests do not want dozens of hotel apps on their phone. Zonetail has a partnership agreement with AAHOA which provides it with access to approximately 50% of the hotels in the U.S. and is continually adding properties. So why have several apps when all you need is one?

The Zonetail Opportunity

Zonetail provides hotel guests and condo residents with access to and interaction with building amenities and services as well as surrounding restaurants, stores, services, entertainment, and businesses.
Zonetail is provided free to hotels and condos. For management, Zonetail increases revenue, reduces costs, and improves the guest/resident experience, as well as providing an ongoing stream of actionable data.
Through Zonetail, advertisers are able to directly reach hotel guests and condo residents, who are otherwise difficult, if not impossible to reach.

Market Overview

This year, driven by display ads, mobile will account for 69.9% of all digital advertising. With a 33.9% share of total US ad spend, mobile will pass TV as the leading advertising medium in the world’s largest ad market—and share is expected to grow to a whopping 47.9% by 2022. (eMarketer)

In 2018, mobile ad spending in the U.S. will grow 20% to over $70 billion and will be an astounding 75% of all digital ad spend. That is an incredible 21,775% growth from a short decade ago. (eMarketer, Forbes)


Zonetail is partnered with AAHOA, the largest association of hoteliers in the world, representing over 25,000 hotels and 50% of the US market. Zonetail is also partnered with Shiftsuite, one of the largest property management system software provider to the condo industry in Canada, with over 2,000 condo buildings, representing approximately 400,000 units. Zonetail is in active negotiations with hotel chains and condominium management companies and will continue to add properties in North America and around the world.

How to own part of Zonetail

Zonetail is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (ZONE:TSXV). The company’s common stock is available for purchase online, through a registered stockbroker. Most online brokerage firms also allow you to purchase stock.

Zonetail Corporate Presentation

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